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  • Panagiotis Livadia : Καλησπερα σε ολους.Καλο σαββατοβραδο!
  • BluesDJ : Hi guest_5234 I am happy we solved your problem with our email. Thank you for listening.
  • guest_5234 : Yesterday played 'Never saw it coming' by Alvin Lee. Cannot find the recording. Can you help ?
  • BluesDJ : Thank you so much.
  • guest_8417 : I am glad I was informed about your radio. I love the music you play.
  • guest_8492 : It's nice to find a Blues station on the internet.
  • Joey Blue : Hi to BWR. thank you for the music.
  • BluesDJ : We do know many people in UK. Cheers to our listeners. Thank you for listening.
  • guest_6394 : Listening to dah blooz from London UK !
  • BluesDJ : Hi Jim, I hope you like the music. Thank you for your help.
  • guest_5370 : 73 de M0SUY/SV1UY
  • BluesWave Radio Chat : Welcome to the BluesWave Radio Chat Room