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Eloy – Live

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Live is the seventh album by German progressive Kraut rock band Eloy and their first live album, released in 1978.

Being, now, one of the two most successful German rock bands (with Scorpions being perhaps the only other equally successful), Eloy decide to unfold their rich musical talent through a double, as was customary in the 70s, live album. The group had now also received several proposals for appearances in other European countries, such as e.g. in neighboring France. In March 1978 they recorded live performances from their German tour, with their live set enhanced by the use of impressive lasers and other audio-visual gimmicks, as well as the use of recitations, thus lending a more theatrical character to their shows, to be enjoyed of the public.

This is how the Live begins, with the imposing introduction by J├╝rgen Rosenthal, about the ancient, sunken civilization of Atlantis, with “Poseidon’s Creation”.

With his epic opening musical theme unfolding as a soundtrack to ancient sea voyages, Bornemann tells us the origin of the ancient Atlantis according to ancient Greek myth and as related by Plato. This is followed by “The Incarnation Of Logos”, with Rosenthal complementing Bornemann’s interpretation, in an entirely biblical description that chronicles the creation of life and humans, through divine intervention and elements of nature, as well as their spread throughout the world, but only through association and grouping. The alternation of musical themes is here again extremely smooth and successful, with the atmosphere already filled with excitement.

On the second side of the disc, the start is given with the touchingly beautiful “The Sun-Song”, which refers with special love to the life-giver of our planet, the sun. A piece that suits Greece and the Greeks, with a direct reference to the cover of Dawn, where it comes from. After Rosenthal’s evocative recitation the piece begins powerfully, as if one were watching the sun rise in the firmament. From Dawn is also the track that follows, “The Dance In Doubt And Fear”, with the characteristic bass line, which starts the track with drums and keyboards, while the guitar is clearly influenced by the style of David Gilmour.

“Mutiny” from Power And The Passion kicks off the album’s third side, bringing to mind bands like Camel and related British progressive rock acts.

The gradual separation of the body from the soul and consciousness is the theme that follows, with the soothing “Gliding Into Light And Knowledge” from Dawn, which naturally follows, surprisingly, “Inside” from the album of the same name, and which is their earliest track chosen to be included live.

Eloy Live closes with the twenty minute “Atlantis’ Agonyat June 5th – 8498, 13 P.M. Gregorian Earthtime”, which takes up the entire fourth side. Thus, to close the matter of Atlantis, the last piece of Ocean, describes the sinking and destruction of Atlantis, and the fate of the Atlanteans, placing the event according to our own measure about 10,500 years in the past. The introduction announces the decision of the gods to punish impious, arrogant and greedy people. In the sequel and under the sounds of the keys, it is stated that the “divine missile” is already on its way, as a result of which liquid fire from the sky will strike the world of people, who do not understand their own transgressions of the cosmic rule. The bottom line is that the people of Atlantis brought about their own destruction, and without balance and moderation in the use of their power, that is where they will be led every time. Practically, in the musical part, it is as if one sees the event unfold in front of him, in a cinematic way, as he would watch the film-section in the chronicles of the 7th art, “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick.

Through this amazing live album I select “Poseidon’s Creation”.


1. Poseidon’s Creation 11:47
2. Incarnation Of Logos 8:46
3. The Sun-Song 8:32
4. The Dance In Doubt And Fear 7:36
5. Mutiny 9:58
6. Gliding Into Light And Knowledge 4:24
7. Inside 6:34
8. Atlantis’ Agony At June 5th – 8498, 13 P.M. Gregorian Earthtime 20:57

Written by: Dimitris Sigalos

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