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Travelers on the Ship of Music is a show where you can listen to non stop music from all over the world. We play all kinds of music starting from the 50's. Rock, Pop, Country, Folk, Broadside, Jazz, Blues, Progressive and more. Good Music Doesn't Have An Expiration Date. The program is Compiled and Mixed by George Synolakis (DJ George). A good song is not based on how many people […]

Country & Southern Rock

The Country & Southern Rock Club

Welcome to our show about Country Music and Southern Rock. Southern Rock is a genre of music that has inspired generations with its authenticity and intense energy. Together, we'll explore the history of Southern Rock, from its roots in the southern US regions to its influence on modern music. We will hear songs from big names like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers Band and many others. Get ready for a journey […]

Somewhere around 1972 it all started with my involvement in music as a listener and becoming a fanatical collector of vinyl records as well as prerecorded tapes.
The beginning was when, through the most famous show on the Greek Radio of Yannis Petridis, I heard for the first time Johnny Cash from the “Live recording at San Quentin Prison” and Creedence Clearwater Revival at the “Cosmos Factory”. This was the start of listening to Country music and over time Southern Rock, Classic Rock and Blues.
Johnny Cash at San Quentin Prison, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Cosmos Factory and Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother were my first vinyls that I acquired out of deep emotions at that time in my life.
From then on, everything took its course and my vinyl collection grew by investing in Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz and in general in all kinds of music including Greek music.
When I started acquiring my beloved machines, my amplifier, my turntables, my cassette player and my mixer, I started making my first amateur mixes from my vinyls on cassettes that I still have today, around 800 cassettes. They are my best musical memories from my musical activity as a listener.
As an amateur DJ, throughout this course as the years went by, I dressed up musically various events of friends, I was for a short time a music producer at the radio station Radio Pharos with the show “Travellers on the ship of music” and for the last nine years I am making music productions without frontiers on Mixcloud where you can listen to my 272 productions.
Now on “Blueswave Radio” I will start a new season of the show “Travelers on the ship of Music” choosing tracks without borders to accompany us on our musical journeys. Happy listening…


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