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Blue Suede Connection

Blue Suede Connection is hosted by life-long Elvis fans Daniel Hawthorne and Patricia Garber. The show offers a weekly two-hour Graceland adventure celebrating Elvis and his lasting impact on popular music. Co-hosts Daniel and Patricia bring their charismatic fun to the program and mix up the music with weekly themed shows such as Elvis Gospel, Beach Party Elvis, 50s Sock Hop and more.

“Write what you know”, I’d heard it said a million times before. And as it turns out, it was the best advice I was ever given.
I’m not a seasoned writer, nor an award winning author. But over the last few years I’ve experienced closeness with my reader’s, a personal connection that all writers pray for. They came to me, sharing their dreams and stories, not just about a man known the world over by only one name- ELVIS- but also about their own lives. Why? What had I done that I should be so blessed with a reader base so early in my career?
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